Dan, he learned a lot from you at your program last Summer and it resulted in him having his best season ever this year as a first year Bantam.  He’s gained confidence, refined/improved skills and progressed the most of any year.  So, many thanks!

Catherine B. '03 Mom

Dan, thank you very much for the training and coaching this summer. Drew loved it and he looks great compared to teammates that did other programs. Thanks again!

Andrew G. '08 Dad

Thanks so much Dan! You and your coaches are AWESOME.

Anna G. '07 Mom

Thanks Dan, Chris loved your clinic, sign us up for next year!!!

Chris K. 07' Dad

It was a pleasure having my son participate in your program. I spent most sessions observing everyone and everything, and I was so impressed with the teaching techniques and attention to those players that needed an extra lesson or two. I have already seen the improvement in my sons skating since attending your program, and cannot wait till next summer for more training. And if I forgot to mention, my son loved the program as much as I did!!!  Thank you sooo much!!!!

Marybeth K. 03' Mom

Just wanted to say thank you and great job !!!  Kal started regular season and is killing it in confidence ! I thank you & your staff for making the skills over the summer an enjoyable experience !!  Cheers,

Melissa W. 06' Mom

Dan, Thanks!  Ben noticed the difference in his ability today and credited the work he did at Pro Skills this summer.

Dave W. 08' Dad

Dan, I thought your clinic was very well run. I could see the improvement in the kids on my team this year.  I know Henry had a great time. He enjoyed the drills but just as importantly he enjoyed you and the other coaches.  I was reminded by parents that at age 8, 9, 10 the kids can be easily intimidated by the competition and the coaches yelling.  I know I heard this feedback about the “(different program’s name)” at Endicott this year. This was NOT the case in your clinic.  There are lots of fans of yours in the Beverly program.  Good luck this year!

Todd M. 07' Dad

Thanks Dan, my son Deuce had a lot of fun and coincidently said last night “dad I want to do the thing at Endicott again next summer, can I do that?” ….. So I am sure he will be signing up…. Have a great season and I am sure we will get to a couple Endicott games. Cheers,

Jeff M. 06' Dad

Dan, I never made it to a skills session, but I just watched the Blades first game and the kids were doing things I’ve never seen them do before.  I witnessed one guy who couldn’t stop four years ago do a one-skate hockey stop on his inside skate.  I couldn’t believe it. Thanks!!!

Mark T. 04' Dad

Your 3v3 league has given Quinn so much confidence.  It totally made him progress.  I can’t thank you enough Dan!

Andy F. 09' Dad